First year of A&Y Panel Çit

First year of A&Y Panel Çit

Our first year as A&Y Panel Çit is almost over. As a new company and also as a person in a totally new industry, we learned a lot of things.

The European machinery, innumerable meetings in Germany and Turkey, 2 exhibitions, one in Turkey and one in United Emirates, the sales office in Solingen - Germany and in Kayseri - Turkey, contacts with companies, wholesaler, landscaper gardener, supplier, consumer and even our competitors, all this work and effort was definitely worth it.

The first year helped us to identify our strategy, to position ourselves in the fencing market, to decide our target market and to identify our strengths and weaknesses.

Now we are producing 90% for Europe, especially Germany and Netherland.  The continuous improvements make the quality of our products every day better. The experience of 25 years in the automotive industry makes the understanding for the production easier. After the first year we produced with our 28 employees about 80.000 welded panel fences. Our prices and delivery time are competitive. English, German and Turkish contact person are always available. All of this results in well exceeded expectations for the first year.

We thank in our customers, employees, suppliers, supporters, family and friends!

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